Areas of Operation


Cannsun Medhel addresses some of the most impactful and devastating illnesses and ailments people face globally with our wide range of prescription and over the counter medications which we develop, manufacture and distribute. Cannsun Medhel produces multiple products in various therapeutic areas to treat pain, high blood sugar, stress, insomnia, obesity and various skin disorders.


As a leader in the development and distribution of medicines, Cannsun-Medhel offers comprehensive solutions to wide-ranging illnesses and ailments.

Over the Counter

Our over the counter medications allow you easy access to effective medications for the treatment of common ailments.


Cannsun Medlhel brings its unique perspective as a formative healthcare company together with our innovative research and development to create high quality, high performance cosmetics. Our products are all designed to have you looking and feeling your best. Our innovations include skin care products, treatments for common skin ailments, gentle skin treatments as well as targeted facial products that repair your skin, protect your skin and allow you to feel amazing, throughout the day.

Cosmetic Products

Our range of products is backed by our extensive medical experience and expertise, guaranteeing high quality solutions.

Cannabis Solutions

Bringing our industry leading cannabis research development to the cosmetic sector to insure maximized healthcare benefits.

Health & Wellness

Cannsun Medhel produces bioceuticals and nutraceuticals. Our supplements all contain carefully researched and tested blends of vitamins and minerals to ensure that your body is taking in all that it needs on a daily basis, whether for personal or medical use. In line with our ethos, helping people live better, long lives, we seek to provide a high quality range of supplements for ensure your body is taking in all the essential nutrients to keep it performing optimally throughout the day, guarding it against certain infections.

Cannsun Medhel

CBD Products

Producing a range of cannabinoid daily supplements and food grade medical supplements to ensure that you’re getting the best that current medical research has to offer.

Food Supplements

Take control of your health and ensure your body is getting all that it needs with our comprehensive range of food supplements.


Our natural medical alternatives allow you to improve your health and treat diseases while still keeping your body in a sober state. Natures healthcare.


Take control of your health with our wide range of alternative medical solutions that provide nutritional, safety and therapeutic effects to the human body.

Botanicals and Cannabis Cultivation

Cannsun Medhel aspires to be a global leader in the development of medical cannabinoid solutions, to benefit millions globally. Cannabis’s revolutionary properties pose it as a game changing source of medical potential. Cannsun Medhel is a leader in the research, development and manufacture of cannabis related Cannabidiol (CBD) products. 

Cannsun Medhel

Cannabis Solutions

We are optimally positioned to produce medical cannabinoid solutions, with well established manufacturing facilities, wide distribution network and established history of trust in the medical community.

Cannabis Farms

Our cultivation in Southern Africa spans over 60 hectares of land, producing high grade cannabis for development and extraction.


Our biocides provide an industry defining solution to botanical growth interference.

Seed to Sale Process

cbd cannabis hemp growing process seed to patient
  • Seeds sourced from the Tissue Culture Lab at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, for propagation (breeding, growing and cultivation of the plant).
  • Clones are derived from the mothers and planted in main flowering room.
  • The process from vegetation to harvest is approximately a two-three month cycle.
  • Our mother stock and medicinal cannabis is grown under strict GAcP & Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Standards for growing.
  • cbd cannabis hemp growing process seed to patient
  • The harvested flowers are carefully tested for moisture content, pesticides and heavy metals.
  • Then they are dried and milled into desirable coarse particles.
  • A certificate of analysis is also done to measure cannabinoid content and terpene profile to help guide the SOP’s for extraction and expectations of yield.
  • The product is then checked for foreign objects and tested for any contaminants before it is released for extraction.
  • The ground biomass is run through a non-volatile extraction process, ensuring high quality crude oil is extracted.
  • Oil is then run through a cold ethanol winterization process, involving filters under vacuum to remove unwanted materials such as lipids, waxes and chlorophyll.
  • Further refining is done through fractional distillation processing.
  • Final product will receive a certificate of analysis to measure final cannabinoid content and ensure product is purified.
  • cbd cannabis hemp growing process seed to patient
  • The oil is then analysed in the lab to maintain a high quality, active pharmaceutical ingredient (“API”) to supply pharmaceutical manufacturers.
  • The final product is also tested for broad spectrum cannabinoids such as THCv, CBD, CBN and CBG.
  • These enhance the effect of the product known as the “Entourage Effect”, giving the consumer a high quality product with beneficial medical benefits.
  • The operator can produce multiple products with tailored formulations.
  • cbd cannabis hemp growing process seed to patient
  • The product undergoes final checks before being packaged, sealed and distributed.
  • Distribution then happens to licensed pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmacies and medical practitioners.
  • cbd cannabis hemp growing process seed to patient
  • The product is then distributed and sold to registered patients (prescription patients) and consumers.
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