Med UREA 10%

Cream and lotion for general use with Urea (10%) for moisturization.


Med Urea Facial Cream 50ml

Moisturizing facial cream for your daily cosmetic treatment.
Daily moisturizing and lasting long-lasting care, restoring the dry facial skin and giving elasticity and freshness. MED UREA 10% maintains the moisture of the face and is ideal for dry and very dry skin.

Med Urea Hand Cream 50ml

Moisturizing hand cream for dry chapped and dehydrated hands.
Intense hydration of dry hands for velvet skin. The moisture loss of the hands is due to their intense stress, which results in dry skin, reddening, scaling and intense irritation. MED UREA 10% provides a strong long-lasting hydration, ensuring the protection and care of your hands.

Med Urea Cream 100ml and Lotion 150ml for General Use

Moisturizing cream and lotion which contain Urea 10% for general and everyday use. This cream and lotion increase immediately the skin’s ability to absorb and retain water, and they accelerate the process of keratolysis of the skin. The beneficial properties of Urea are available every moment, for every part of your body.

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