Leadership Team


Chris Brocklesby
CFO of Houwelings Group
Rorisang Ntai
South African businessman
Stephen Polakoff
Lawyer with over 20 years M&A and Capital Markets experience
Kiki Karagouni
Professor at Pasteur Institute in plant-based medicine
David Parry
Co-founder of Agraflora Organics and Cannsun Medicinal
Nikos Korbis
Chemist Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer
David Parry
Chief Executive Officer
Pholoso Malatji
Co-Founder & Head of Operations: Africa
Greg Bealer
Director of Finance
Nikos Korbis
Chief Medical Officer
Stephen Polakoff
General Counsel
Aaron Katerenchuk
Chief Operating Officer
Artemios Charalampakis
Chief Commercial Officer
Peter Cummings
Ex-Pharmaceutical retail executive and former Head of BC Hothouse growers
George Vourtis
Post-production cultivation expert
Eleni Chinou
Professor of Pharmacognosy and Chemistry of Natural Products, University of Athens
Chris Vourtis
Cannabis industry expert
Vassilis Dimou
Corporate Finance
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