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The standard for medical development

We are a science led global healthcare company with
103 years of history, looking towards the future.

Cannsun Medhel cannabis pharmaceutical

Pioneering Medical Advances

The company started with an established pharmacy in Greece, selling pharmaceutical drugs and medicinal plants. It transformed into a pharmaceutical manufacturer in 1918 and has been in the current location since 1969.

Medhel has always been on the cutting edge of pharmaceuticals and healthcare, marked by a centuries long tradition of producing the latest in medicine. 

Cannsun Medhel is Europe’s first medical manufacturer
with a vertically integrated cannabinoid division.

A Vision for the Future

The recent developments in cannabinoids have illustrated that their potential is endless and untapped. The merger of Medhel and Cannsun was the logical next step in this development, and in 2019 the company was incorporated under the name Cannsun-Medhel. This expansion will allow Medhel to produce the same high-quality healthcare, medical and wellness products that it has always been known for, in addition to providing the latest in medical cannabinoid development. Cannabis development is one of the fastest growing healthcare markets globally, and Cannsun-Medhel is perfectly positioned to produce the latest products in line with these developments.

Cannsun Medhel cannabis pharmaceutical
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Heath & Wellness Medicine

Cannsun Medhel seeks to enhance the lives people around the world by producing the highest quality, natural, pure African and Greek cannabinoids and botanicals, providing state of the art medical solutions. Our projected growth indicates that we will be the largest cultivator of medical grade cannabis plants in Africa and Southern Europe, positioning us uniquely to provide cutting edge bio-cannabinoid medical solutions. Cannsun Medhel has extensive expertise and proven track record in bringing a product in healthcare market.

Cannsun Medhel continues to grow and develop pharmaceutical model while merging traditional medicines to include cannabinoid alternatives for treatments of: 

Research & Development

Looking towards the future

We are focusing in R&D-driven growth, realizing collaborations with accredited academic and research centers:

  • With support from the research/academic centers we will develop innovative products that would lead in establishing therapeutic protocols for herbal medicinal products.
  • ​Establish a novel R&D laboratory within Medhel premises aiming to develop orphan medicines (medicines targeting orphan indications), thus shortening the path from development to market.
  • Cannabis cultivation in Africa targeting high THCv strains most known for its medical properties. Grown and manufactured in EU-GMP certified facilities allowing for local consumption and European export

Sustainable Healthcare

At Cannsun Medhel we combine a centuries long tradition of excellence with always keeping an eye on the future. Our skilled research and academic centers mean that we are always developing innovative products utilizing the latest in medical research. We are committed to always being on the cutting edge of medical development, and our research and development department is invaluable in that regard.

Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation

Cannsun Medhel is growing its presence in the medical cannabis industry at an unprecedented rate. Our research has yielded exceptional results relating to the medical benefits of THCv strains and we are moving to incorporate these into pharmaceutical solutions to help our customers live better, longer lives. The potential developments in diabetics medication and osteoporosis show particular promise and our research and development is hard at work to transform this into medical solutions for our customers.  

Cannsun Medhel cannabis pharmaceutical farm

Current R&D Projects

  • Cystic Fibrosis pain treatment
  • Fatigue medication
  • Neuro pain management
  • Stress and anxiety treatment
  • Gynecology products
  • Cardiovascular/hypertension treatment

Quality Policy

Please download our Quality Policy Statement, by clicking here.
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