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Europe’s first manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics & FSMPs with a vertically integrated cannabinoid division.

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Cannsun Medhel is a healthcare company with over 100 years of experience producing high quality medical solutions through innovation, research and development which leverages our global expertise and experience.




A team of industry specialists which have joined forces to cover the entire spectrum of the modern day pharmaceutical development lifecycle.

Cannsun Medhel Greece

Global Market

Solutions with global reach

We distribute our products to thousands of healthcare professionals and pharmacies worldwide. Our current projected growth will enable us to extend this further, so that we can help people everywhere live better, longer, lives.

Near term Joint Ventures
  • Cannsun Medhel Asia

            Cannsun Medhel Borealis Malaysia (Q4 2019)
            Cannsun Medhel China (Q1 2020)
            Cannsun Medhel Thailand (Q1 2020

  • Cannsun Medhel Poland (Q1 2020)
  • Cannsun Medhel South Africa (Q1 2020)
Near Term Markets
Current Markets

Worldwide Operations

Cannsun Medhel has world-class facilities in Asia, Greece, South Africa and Lesotho.

60000 sqft
Pharmacies under distribution
0 ha
Cultivation footprint

Combined THC and Hemp Cultivation

Areas of Operation


Producing prescription and over the counter medication to address some of the most impactful and devastating ailments faced globally.

Hemp derived CBD products

Influential presence in the medical cannabis industry. Our research has yielded exceptional results relating to the medical benefits of THCv strains.


Innovation in the cosmetics industry, enabled by our deep medical understanding and commitment to improving the lives of people globally.

Medical devices​

At the forefront of medical innovation, producing the latest in medical technology used by healthcare professionals and industry.


Botanical herbs are a centuries old remedy to improve health and treat diseases as a natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs.


Take control of your health with our wide range of alternative medical solutions that provide nutritional, safety and therapeutic effects to the human body.

Cannabis cultivaiton​

Over 35 hectares of land in Southern Africa dedicated to high quality cannabis research cultivation, allowing us to bring you the best in modern medicine.

Food supplements

Our food supplements and FSMPs contain carefully researched and tested blends of vitamins and minerals to ensure that your body is performing optimally.


Our natural solution to botanical growth interference brings you the latest in innovation to ensure optimal health benefits and yield.

  • China: Production and CBD manufacturing facility under construction Q2 2020
  • Thailand: Hemp cultivation, extract and manufacturing
  • Malaysia: distribution of Cannsun Medhel products
  • Wide reaching distribution network
  • 70,500 square foot EUGMP certified pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical and CBD distribution
  • Partnerships with research facilities
  • 12 hectares of hemp cbd outdoor cultivation
  • 2 hectares tunnels THC cultivation (Alpine Location)
  • 12 hectares tunnels for THC cultivation (Maloti location)
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